Interactions bring it to life.

I obsess over the tiny interactions, transitions, and animations that add spark to a digital experience. Here is a space where I’ve collected interactions and concepts I created for past projects—and some I created just to explore.

Rethinking the bottom navigation

The bottom navigation bar is an essential part of many apps. It does, however, take up a lot of screen space. Often, the items on the bar are not used enough to necessitate permanent space at the bottom of the screen.. So here's a different solution for the bottom navigation bar.

Button with time delay

In case you change your mind. I do :)

Hamburger menu interaction

The hamburger animation is a micro interaction that adds some fun and delight to a very basic experience in many apps.

Loading space

When you drag your screen down to refresh your app's feed, you usually see a loading spinner.

The app can also tell you that you're all caught up though and—since you're possibly stressed when checking for updates—it could be accompanied by something calming. For instance: gazing into the night sky.

Smiling loading spinner

You're waiting anyway. So why not?

Multiplying buttons

There are often situations when tapping a button leads you to multiple choices, like when you log into your account. This opens up room for a smooth interaction.


Clue app onboardingUX // UI // mobile

Etsy AwardsUI // web // branding

Interaction spaceUI // mobile

Clue employer pageUX // UI // web

Helloclue.comUX // UI // web