Helloclue.com is an important resource for female health information for women around the world.

It has more than 3.5 million users each month and accompanies the Clue menstrual cycle tracking app.


(while employed at Clue)


Lead Product Designer



Time period


During the two years that I worked at Clue, I touched every part of the website. Instead of listing all these, I want to highlight one of the parts that was the most fun to work on: Implementing scroll animation to add a strong visual information component that creates a fun, interactive experience.

I might still write a detailed case study about this but in the meanwhile, have a look at the short story!

Step 1

In order to get the tech of scroll interaction work on both the engineering and design side, I worked on this fun piece together with a frontend developer. This was planned to be the proof of concept for more complex projects on the roadmap.

The goal in this project was to simulate the motion of each vibrator by scrolling through the page.


Noticed a difference between typefaces and layout between the two pages? Eagle eye! That's because a brand refresh happened in between.

Step 2

The project above worked out well and was a great success, so we decided to take scroll interaction to the next level and use it for the Clue app showcase page.

As you scroll down the page, an animation takes you through the main parts of the app and highlights its features.


Clue app onboardingUX // UI // mobile

Etsy AwardsUI // web // branding

Interaction spaceUI // mobile

Clue employer pageUX // UI // web

Helloclue.comUX // UI // web

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