You can hire me for onsite or remote projects.

I'm Susi Vetter, a Berlin-based freelance product designer. I have over 9 years of professional design experience. My journey started in branding, as a visual designer and art director. I organically moved into digital product design. My passion is building simple, beautiful app and web solutions. In 2020, after many years of working for global companies like Etsy and Clue, I finally decided to start my freelance adventure.

This is what I can do for you:

• Design all stages of your web or app project
• Lead the design in your crossfunctional team
• Help you align your product and brand
• Build a design system
• Create animations and micro interactions
• Create illustrations and icons for your product

Otherwise... you can find me in the woods.

Because that's my happy place. 

I'm also part of the art collective imrsv arts, creating 3D projections and augmented reality visuals for interactive experiences. 



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